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Club History

Candlewood Country Club History
Candlewood Country Club has a remarkable story to share about the club as it has evolved to become one of the most time honored country club's in Southern California. Rich in tradition, our members have built a sense of community, friendships and has made Candlewood their 'Home -away-from Home'.

This site has long been a place for golf. In 1928 John Riley and Frank Martin built the 9-hole “Green Hills” golf course and clubhouse to promote sales of home sites for what was then known as the “Sunshine Acres". Sunshine Acres was a public course. Financial difficulties during the depression forced closed doors

In the late 1940’s the Hughes Brothers purchased the 106 acres and building. The golf course was closed and the Hughes Brothers renamed and operated the club as a restaurant and real estate facility names “Hughestown Meadows”. They also built a small home on property that is still used for the club’s superintendent.

In the early 50’s Forest and Rosemary Smith, owners of many Clock Restaurants purchased the facility. The restaurant was again refurbished and expanded and made into a clubhouse. Plans were made for reopening the golf course and extending it to an 18-hole layout plus a 9-hole pitch and putt course. In 1951 the club became the “Clock Country Club” Harry Rainville was the architect and Ralph Evans was head pro. In 1953 the first 9-holes officially opened. Forest Smith brought prominent pros and celebrities such as Liberace and the Mills Brothers. The new members from President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and Governor Knight received congratulatory telegrams. In 1957 the club was offered to the members who purchased the club and it became Candlewood Country Club. We have been a private equity membership club since then offering outstanding privileges and amenities through out the years. In addition our members have always built a sense of community, friendships and has made Candlewood their home away from home.

1960's To Present
We have survived two major fires, the last being in 1963 which required the complete rebuilding of the Club House. It is still here today welcoming its members for golf, member tournaments, fine dining and private parties Being an Equity owned club, the private members have taken great pride and extreme effort to make Candlewood the club it is today. Candlewood inspires a casual elegance that one can not find anywhere else. The club not only offers the outstanding privileges and amenities, but welcomes new members and guests with a sense of community, camaraderie and belonging.