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Dress Code

All members are required to adhere to the dress code both in the clubhouse and on the golf course. 
Members are responsible for the attire of their spouse or guests.

Gentlemen's Golf Attire:

Shirts: Gentlemen and boys must wear shirts with collars. The shirt must be tucked in at all times. No cut off sleeves.
Slack/Pants: Shall be tailored and in good taste.
Shorts: Golf-type shorts sold in in golf shops. 
Hats: Golf caps must be worn with bill facing forward, never to the side or backwards. Gentlemen are not permitted to wear caps or hats in the Oak Room, Dining Room or Banquet Room.
Banned Attire: Cargo Pants and Cargo shorts.

Gentlemen's social attire shall be in good taste as dictated by the occasion.

Ladies Golf Attire:
Shirts: Sleeveless shirts must have collars; collarless shirts must have sleeve.
Slacks: Shall be tailored and in good taste.
Skirts, Skorts, Shorts: Acceptable attire is that which is sold in golf shops to be worn while playing golf.
Banned Attire: Spandex, t-shirts, halter tops and midriffs.

For all members and guests:
Shoes: Golf Shoes must be worn on the course. No metal or ceramic spikes are allowed.
Acceptable Golf Attire is that which is sold in golf shops with the exception being anything made of denim or denim-like material.
Jeans and denim-appearing apparel are not permitted on the golf course or driving range; however are allowed in the Oak Room, Dining Room and the Banquet Rooms.

Management reserves the right to ask any Member or guest to change into appropriate attire if it is deemed that the dress is inappropriate.

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